We all have accents, yah.


Last week I watched a very good film, yet there was something in it that made me really, really nervous. I’m not talking about the blood, the extreme violence or the dumbness of some of the characters… Wait… Have you watched Fargo?

Fargo is a film written and directed by the Coen brothers with an amazing OST. A black comedy crime thriller that will make you laugh  when you’re actually seeing people being killed on the screen – we, human beings, are horrible creatures.

The plot is set in Fargo, a town in North Dakota (US). All the characters from this little place had an accent that made my skin itchy – I still don’t know way – specially when they finished every single sentence with a ‘yah’. Actually, when I was half way in the movie I was wondering how I was going to cope with it until the end. I almost understood why all the movie’s characters were so violent and crazy and I also wanted to take a wood chipper myself and…

You think I’m exaggerating? Check here all the times the expression ‘yah’ appears in the film…

Accents. We all have them, it’s like a first name. You don’t choose it but have to carry it all your life. In Fargo, that special accent – that some critics have called ‘musical’ – is the real Minneapolis regional accent. Apparently it sounds  similar to that one from the Nords and Sweds – most of the characters in the film have Northen European surnames. And yes, it was exaggerated in the film – so no, I’m not accent-racist, the brothers Coen wanted us – the spectors – to get annoyed at it!

Check this clip to get a good listen to the real thing (Fargo / Minneapolis’ accent).

What kind of accent do you have? I’ve a Madrilian accent in Spanish that makes me pronounce a ‘gggg’ sound instead of ‘s’ in some words. I didn’t realise that until I started spending my holidays in the north of Spain and people laughed at me and made jokes about it. Still I’m proud of it and I must say sometimes I exaggerate it to annoy Northerners – in that I’m like the Coen brothers.

In English I’ve the unavoidable Spanish accent that I don’t particularly like. I’ve told it’s cute… but other people called it ‘nasty’. What can I say? I can’t get rid of it – perhaps if I spend another five years in UK it’ll go, slowly. Yet I don’t think people should be judged or ridiculised for their accent. As long as we can understand each other, accents bring personality. I used to love my friend Yamuna’s Indian accent – and now I miss her even more every time I hear another Indian talking with a similar accent. I love the Scottish accent as well and it’s one of the things I – surprisingly – miss the most from living in Edinburgh. I’m also fond of the Lancastrian accent now – although it was difficult to understand at the very beginning. I like how they use words like ‘love’ and ‘oh sugar’ constantly.

Do you have an accent? Do you like it or not? What are the accents you like? And the ones that upset you the most? I want to know, yah!


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