No coffee, no writing


I mean, it’s 9.36am here in Lancaster and I’m drinking coffee while I write this. I have the light one because outside is pitch dark and rainny and… well, it feels like night time. Coffee is literally saving me life – and it does so every morning, preparing me to face the challenges of everyday.

I started drinking coffee when I was 18 in a London airport. I had taken a plane at 6am in the morning which meant I was at the airport at 4am and that I had got up at 2am. So when finally my plane arrived – to London – I tried a coffee because I was feeling pretty destroyed and I had heard that coffee lifts you up. A year into drinking it I decided to be a true coffee lover and drink it as it is – no sugar, no milk. It took me a while, but no I can’t stand it sweet, which I guess it’s good for my teeth. I try not to drink more than three or four coffees a day though.

What I noticed  when I started writing for my masters and I had to meet weekly deadlines is that the size of my coffees was increasing – significantly.  By the time I was polishing my novella I was drinking just large coffees, and I bought myself a massive mug that is with me in the office now. Normal mugs just seem too tiny for me now…

Coffee infuses warmth and happiness to my heart, basically, – and If I don’t drink it in the morning I get a  very bad headache. Also, it helps me a lot to associate the pleasure of drinking a super hot coffee with writing my daily 500 words, as I explained in this post.

Do you like coffee? Tea? Do you have any drink or meal that you need to be more creative?










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