The Journey Project: The Call of Adventure

The Call To Adventure

‘… the call rings up the curtain, always, on a mystery of transfiguration (…) which, when complete, amounts to a dying and a birth. The familiar life horizon has been outgrown; the old concepts, ideals and emotional patterns no longer fit;’

Joseph Campbell

I have been working on a paper about the video game Journey for quite along time. This game is based (as many other books and films) on the twelve steps of the hero’s journey, described in Campbell’s book The Hero of a Thousand Faces. I picked it up recently and it has turned to be quite an illuminating reading. I always thought that heros were people who descended to the underworld and came back alive, or killed dragons, or saved a whole city from a nuclear attack – all of these things that I don’t see myself doing any time soon, to be honest.

But it turns out to be that the hero’s journey has seventeen steps instead of twelve (in Campbell’s book) and it’s quite complex. However, the good news is that we all have experienced it. This is the journey of separation, initiation and return. The journey that brings us, for instance, from adolescene to adulthood and all of the other stages in life.

The Call of Adeventure

Who has felt this before? I always wanted to visit foreing countries and live in them since I was a little child. I didn’t travel out of Spain with my family until I was fifteen, yet I tended to set my stories in foreign places and I remember my mother wanting to know why all the characters of a particular plot had French names instead of Spanish ones – at the time I felt it just sounded way more exotic, Spanish names and Spanish places where just too boring.

When I played with my sisters and invented new stories for her we used – sometimes – a big world map that hang on my father’s room. My two favourite places were Ireland and Japan, two countries that keep appearing in my stories.

I think that the first time I followed the call of adventure was to go to Ireland on my own. The country keeps fascinating me as much as the very first day I stepped on it – and I have been there more than six times, even spending quite long periods of time.

Another call of adventure brought me to Scotland – when I was child I though unicorns dwelled in Scotland so I had to go there! So far, nothing has brought me closer to what lies deep inside my soul than the silence of the Highland’s mountains.

And, finally, the call to adventure brought me to Lancaster, pursuing my dream to be a full-time writer. As the character of Journey, I cannot avoid by approach the high, golden mountain that seems to wait for me, just right there, in the horizon.

To me, nothing represents the ‘Call of Adventure’ better than this beautiful image from the video game Journey.

All my travels started with fantasies I already had as a child. I followed them blindly because, sometimes, if you let the current take you, you can end in exciting places.

Have you ever heard the call of adventure? Where has it taken you, so far? Let’s share stories!




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