Want to Know My Nightmares?

Ivar (little person in the doodle with glasses) contacted the guys from Amazon so my surname was correctly spelt. Thanks, Ivar!

The other day I was in a lunch break when I was told that my book was in Amazon. I may call myself a writer, but the first thing that came to my mind was, ‘what book?’

Well, this book. Here.

Can you see the guitar in the background? I think it should be there because guitars remind me to Spain and I’m Spanish. But it’s not mine but from mu friend, Sora, who kindly lets me live in her house during the summer. Thanks, Sora!

First thoughts?

I was about to shit myself. The book is almost out there. It’s real. People can read it and say it’s rubbish. The bad reviews.  Or even worse, no one reads it and the book comes and goes as silent as a ghost.

Yesterday, after having a lot of adventures I could get the proof copies that my editor sent to me. They might have some small mistakes yet to be fixed, but they look amazing. So real. I’m surprised the books are so beautiful, so proffessional. It almost seems completely detached from what I did. Like a completely new entity.

The process is not yet finished but now I’m more close to getting there. It will be real the 3rd of October.

But, why horror?

Well, why not? People who know me believe I’m the most squeamish person on Earth. Seriously. I faint if I cut myself cooking – with my flatmates holding me in their arms and promising I won’t die. I know I won’t die. It’s just that… I’m scared like hell anyways.

Why am I scared? Well, probably because I have the strangest dreams. Like, every night.

For instance, on day I dreamed about a man knealing on a bed, sucking the sheets covered in blood. Sucking them as if they were soaked in the last water drops on the whole world. I knew (weirdly enough) that this man was a doctor. I also knew, in my dream, that a woman had delivered a baby on that same bed, not long ago. However, neither she nor the baby were anywhere to be seen.

And I thought: ‘Oh, no. If someone else sees the doctor sucking the blood from the sheets like this, they’re going to think that he killed the woman and ate the baby. But that’s not truth, that’s not truth at all and I’m the only one that I know.’

Then I woke up. I felt quite distressed. I kept thinking about that doctor. The blood. The pregnant woman and the baby.

That’s how McTavish Manor (previously known as Mrs McLean’s Cabinet of Curiosities) was born.

Do you want to know about my nightmares?

Then I gues… you just have to read it and we all can be scared together!




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