The Day When I Saved A Life


Remember my adventures climbing up Mt Misen? I had to go down in darkness… well, I tried to do so, I shall say. Because when I had barely stepped down, a couple appeared in between the dark woods. The man told me.

‘Why are you going down?’

And the woman:

‘You shouldn’t, it’s dangerous! Do you know where’s the cable car?’

‘Yes, it’s just up and then right’.

‘Are you sure?’

‘Well… I just saw a signal but I guess…’

‘A signal? Where?’

‘Here… come this way…’

I decided to ‘adopt’ this couple and taking them there.

‘But the last cable car is in 20 minutes….’ I told them.

‘Let’s go, let’s go then…!’ The women howled.

We ran, oh, yes, I assure you. It was getting dark pretty quick.

‘But are you sure this is the way? Are you sure?! The woman didn’t stop asking.

‘Yes, yes, yes…’

She was already hyperventilating. I was about to stop and hug her and tell her everthing was going to be okay, even if we couldn’t make it to the cable car we wouldn’t die there. We could go down really slow or use the mobile phone light? (Poor consolation, I know… but I was feeling optimistic that day!)

I think she was about to have a panic attak when we finally saw the cable car. And so we took it.

The trip was wonderful, like being a crow fliying down the mountain. Hiroshima was nothing but glittering lights in the distance, beyond the ocean.

Once we were down, I met again the Jewish couple. She was scolding her partner as anything. I could see it was the end of the world for him (possibly the one who had the bright idea of climbing the mountain during sunset, as I did, too). Then, she turned at me and said:

‘You’ve saved my life.’

I thanked her but deep inside I felt it had been the opposite way around. Going down a mountain plagged with mamushis and kami, without food and barely no water and a phone with half its battery, didn’t seem such like a good plan afterall.


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