Gathering Tools


This post is inspired on the #Everydayadventure2017 challenge that can be found at

I’m a writer and I also like playing with colouring tools. I’m not ashamed of that. Why should I? I actually feel more comfortable identifying myself as an artist. I don’t think you need to be Picasso or to study art in grad school to call yourself that, the same way you don’t need to be Stephen King or even to publish a book to be called a writer. (Although, for many years, I didn’t even think of calling myself a writer. It took some time, the adquisition of outside criticism survival skills and also the realisation that I am a writer because I need to write every single day and I’d be lost without it). Think of Emily Dickinson, for instance, who barely published a few of poems when alive. I bet she had so much fun writing in her room, though, for so many years.

So. I doodle. And write. And create things. I love imagining weird stuff. I had been wondering why since I do a Creative Writing PhD – which means writing a ton – I’ve also been doodling relentessly. Elizabeth Gilbert said in her book Big Magic that she discovered that gardening helped her through writing a novel. If you’re the creative kind (arguibly we all are, in one way or another) you need to have your hands dirty all the time, always busy creating, making things up. It’s like keeping the muscle toned. Sometimes perfectionism or exhaustion can drag you down in what you may consider your ‘preferred’ activity (in my case, this is writing) so it’s good to have a plan B. Doodling with copics and watercolours in my messy sketchbook is my plan B and I love it.


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