I wish I could unplug every weekend. Sadly, weekends are the only time I have to dedicate fully to my freelance illustration work, so that ain’t happening.

I have mixed feelings towards technology. On the one hand, I met great people through the internet – very important people in  my life, actually. I also got exposed to a great deal of awesome stuff. For instance, Frannerd is one of my all times favourite source of inspiration, as well as Amanda Palmer and the gals from Being Boss. I don’t think I could have accessed such an amazing community if I wasn’t ‘plugged in’!

On the other hand, I came very late to social media (I just didn’t like the idea of sharing my life publicly, I love mystery, and sharing everything on my FB profile sort of kills it…). But opened my social media accounts – FB, Twitter and Instagram – since I published my first book as I thought I’d be helpful with the online marketing I need to do as an writer / artist.

The results so far? Dunno. I kind of hate FB with its stupid algoritms. It feels like entering a room where everyone is screaming. Twitter is a bit of the same. I liked instagram until they started including adds in their feeds – I hate being bombed with publicity when I just want to relax watching some beautiful images. I guess I’m still finding my way around it. So far, my favourite ways of expressing myself are podcasting and blogging. It feels more natural, more intimate… more real, too.

Some days I have the urge to live like Thoreau though and leave the world (and technology) behind. It could also be a nice training considering that we may end up like in Station Eleven (but because of climate change instead of a deadly virus). Also, if you’ve ever thought about unplugging, check out this great episode from the Invisible Office Hours podcast (another of my favourites) which really makes you consider the benefits of a 30 day technology detox. Have you ever tried?


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