Bright colours

I’ve been switching colours since I was a child. First it was purple. I had a real obsession with purple when I was three years old and whenever I made up stories all my main characters were called ‘Violeta’ (‘purple’ in Spanish)  – my mother was a pacient listener to all my childhood rambles… later that role would be assumed by my younger sister who even encouraged me to continue; it’s her fault I’m a writer.

Then it was white. I think that was because I read somewhere that ‘white’ was the colour associated to the name of ‘Inés’. It was probably on one of those book markers people gifted you with your name and a small interpretation of your ‘name personality’ and the such. At nine years old I was certain I had to follow those directions so white it was.

Now I am twenty-four and I love red. I know it is strong, intense and vibrant and that’s precisely what attracts me to it. Actually, I’d like to grow to incorporate all those adjectives to my personal own character. 

I love red and all the bright, noisy colours.

What are your favourites?


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