Trying new things


Sometimes new things are painful… Trying is key, though. Specially in art. Today I was an assistant in a Creative Writing workshop in which high-school students were asked to work together in inventing a plot and characters for a play and reshearsing once scene in front of audience. These students didn’t even know each other before and guess what… the outcome was excellent. They were ambitious, the wanted to play and have fun. They were fearless and believed in what they were doing. It takes some courage to climb on the stage – it takes even more corage to do so to show something of your own creation.

These students let me thinking… My university students are generally more shy and not as engaging when we do artistic workshops with them. They don’t want to do mistakes or admit they may be wrong in front of others. Thet can also be very narrow-minded when one exposes them to other realities. They are not that imaginative – one has the impression they are bored and had other interests than writing (and that’s why I keep wondering why they decide to spend thousands of pounds to go to uni and why they pick Creative Writing from all the range of available choices!)

What happened between these sixteen-year-olds and my nineteen-year-olds?

Taj, the conductor of the workshop said: ‘these are closer to that age when they still played in the playground.’

I remember playing in the playground at eight years old. We created such complex, cool stories.

Maybe that’s the thing.


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