A view from the water

These days in the Lakes I’ve been working really hard on my second novella (I’m writing a trilogy at the moment). Luckily I have a beautiful writer’s room in my friend’s house so I can focus way better than in my phd office. In the afternoons I go hiking with my sister. She’s the beautiful girl in this portrait. There’s less than three years between us which means we always got along together very well. She’s the thing I miss the most when travelling. Nowadays, we just see each other a few days every year.

I hope we can both live at the same country again some time in the near future! She’s moving to Canada now which means I won’t see her anymore when visiting our mother.

When growing up they use to tell us that cold colours fitted her best (for clothes and such) and warm colours were more my thing. I was also the ‘extrovert’ one and she, of course, the ‘shy’ one. Grrr. That still annoys me until today. 

We are weird humans, though, that’s for sure. And that’s why being with her is such a pleasure.


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