My perception of the weather has changed a lot in the past five years. Right now I’m in the northwest of England typing this and sweating. The sun is shining furiously and it’s very warm in my office (even with the window open). The sky is blue and there’s no trace of clouds…

Usually, however, (and no matter the season) where it’s dark, gloomy and rainny. It’s the kind of place where I had to stop wearing glasses and use contact lenses because I was so done with having to cycle every day to uni with the glasses fogged up…

Living so up north taught me to appreciate the sun. In fact, it changed me. Growing up in Madrid meant I always took the sun for granted. It was just there. It was normal. I just carried on with my life but seasons (or the weather) didn’t generally interfere with it.

Moving up north meant a complete different picture. You know that feeling when you wake up because the wind is roaring and the raindrops crashing against the window and you wish you could spend the day in bed forever but you know you have to get up and get on your bike to go to work? It’s not always that dramatic, though. Other times I love looking at the window and seeing a desolate landscape of rainfall, wind and darkness. It feels so good to be at my office (or at home) warm, dry and grateful for having a roof over my head and a hot cup of coffe / tea between my hands.

The strange thing happens on sunny days here in England. I wake up energised and I want, well, no, I crave the sun. I need to go outside. Having to be enclosed in any kind of space turns into a torture. I know I’ll just have a couple of sunny days every month so I have to take the most of them (to restore my Vitamine D levels). On sunny day everyone runs into the streets and the parks. We all get our summer dresses or light clothes. We eat ice-cream and drink cold smoothies instead of tea. I take advantage and run or hike in the countryside (knowing I won’t have to deal with the mud). It feels sad, a real waste, in fact, if one can’t join in all these activities.

Here, having to work in a sunny day should be forbidden.

We all need to worship the sun so it comes back once again.




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