Nature and inspiration


Yesterday I had a very intense day. The best antidote against stress, depression, fear and self-doubt is to create something. So, instead of forcing myself to get out of my mental funk by going through my to-do list I came back home, took my markers away and…

There is gratitude also in this doodle. I actually made it for my friend and talented writer Anne Cleasby. I recently got to cat sit for her – you’ve probably seen her two beautiful cats, Charlie and Clover, in my doodles before. It was a very special time for me. My sister was around on her yearly visit. I could write in a different environment. As artist Roxanne Coble discusses in this podcast episode, nature seems to nurture the creative process in a powerful way – and no, I don’t think this is a cliché. Drawing while looking through the window on my friend’s living room to see a full view of Windermere lake and Langdale was something.

So, go out, try new locations, hug a tree (if you think this is ridiculous, I personally think it’s more ridiculous to be nursing my phone so many hours a day) and find a beautiful landscape to look at while you’re creating.

Or visit the Lake District.



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