Plant collection 

Whenever I met people who keep plants in their house (and love them, and care for them, and think they are beautiful) I immediately feel easy around them. Yes, sure, perhaps you can quote me now a case (real or fictional) of a psycho who also loves plants. But. You need to have a special kind of sensibility to care for a living being that is so quiet (and often vulnerable… how many poor plants I’ve killed in my life?)

When I was six years old my mother bought an african violet full of flowers. She told me plants thrieve when you talk to them – and I did. I still remember the happiness and wonder when the plant bloomed again a year later. Those minuscule velety pink buds that were soon to be transformed.

Right now, I’m in love with succulents. They are the cutest – I just feel like cuddling them. Artist Allison Raineri likes them too. And the water colour painter Holly Exley is amazing at drawing / caring for plants!

Do you like plants? What are your favourite?


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