The foreign writer

This Writing Life 9That’s me – every single time. I’m a foreigner in many aspects, including my writing. I grew up speaking Spanish and now most of my life (and art) happens in English. I’m not even sure I can use Spanish as well as I used to anymore, whilst my English seems always to be not-perfect – but, what can be perfect, anyways?

I still don’t know why I’m writing in a foreign language. Some people tell me that it must be hard. Others, that it’s impossible. I don’t care. One does what one’s got do to keep on the path, and this is my way! There was a time (perhaps two or three years before) when I was shy and apologetic about it (like, I’m sorry I’m using your language and yet I do mistakes). Now I just focus on having fun.

If I have to mention one advantage of writing in a second language is that it taught me to be humble and accept help from other. And that has translated into great improvement. My writing comes out three times more polished, purer, if you want to, closer to that image I have in my mind. Because all my storytelling comes from images first (more on this in future articles).

If you are interested on multilingual writers you can read this article I wrote on it a while ago!

Have you ever tried writing in a second language? Would you be tempted to? And if you do it already, please introduce yourself! I’m always seeking for other like me (I haven’t met yet that many along the way!)

This illustration is part of a collection I’m doing for Inktober 2017. My personal theme is This Writing Life. I’m also selling the originals, just for £20 the piece! You like this one? Contact me and you shall have it, soon and easy.


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