Love Your Writing

This Writing Life 19

I had the privilege to attend a workshop about editing in writing by Hisham Matar. He gave us one of the best advice I have ever received. He said: ‘Be gentle with yourself and your work. Don’t approach the page thinking always the worst. Instead, look at that draft as it had been written by your dearest friend.

Who just died.

Would you really think the worst of his last writing piece or would you read it with kindness?’

Please, if you have any other insight into the drafting process, please share! Is it your favourite time? The most dreaded? I’ve mix feelings towards it – but I agree it can be quite satisfying.

This illustration is part of a collection I’m doing for Inktober 2017. My personal theme is This Writing Life. I’m also selling the originals! You like this one? Contact me and you shall have it, soon and easy.


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