The inner-editor

This Writing Life 21

It happened at some point during the first year I took writing as a professional career. I got used to hanging around other writers and giving them feedback on their work (and learning throughout that process, of course).

Now, every time I pick a book (even if it’s just for fun), I discover myself noting how many ‘unnecessary’ adverbs the author has used, if I like the speech tags, if the paragraphs are organised well…

Please, someone help me! I need to be a reader again!!

And you, do you also have an inner-editor? Do you find it irritating?

This illustration is part of a collection I’m doing for Inktober 2017. My personal theme is This Writing Life. I’m also selling the originals! You like this one? Contact me and you shall have it, soon and easy.





    • Yes, the same happened to me (partially). I still love reading though and it’s a very important part of my creative process but I’m way more selective now. They say that when wr create we use a different part of the brain than when we edit… if only i could switch them on / off as I pleased!

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