I am a writer

This Writing Life 31.png

This may seem too simple, even stupid. Do I need to stay this? Is it really necessary?

Well, yes. It took me a long time to say it without feeling guilty, dirty or a fraud.

Hi, I am a writer.

I had published books before, but that didn’t help much. I still felt I was not there. I compared myself to others – the ‘real’ writers I admired, more established. It took some years to realise that there much glamour associated with any artistic profession. If there is anything I wish I could teach my students now is that writing is not being chosen by the muse to transcript the beautiful words she dictates. Writing is hard, is annoying, is more like carving. We are given shapeless piece of stone – perseverance will turn it in something beautiful, but just if we have the patience.

I’m still learning, of course.

But hey, I’m writer.

This illustration is part of a collection I’m doing for Inktober 2017. My personal theme is This Writing Life. I’m also selling the originals! You like this one? Contact me and you shall have it, soon and easy.



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