Etsy shop!

Etsy announcement

Well – I did it! I opened my first Etsy shop!

Now, this was not something I did on spare of the moment. No. I’ve been working on this idea for months now, and dreaming about it even longer.

I love doodling, it relaxes me from my writing (where my ultra-perfectionism sometimes makes the task a bit unbearable). And in the recent years I’ve observed that this doodling is not only my own personal meditation but it also seems to make others happy. So I want to share my doodles with the world. I also opened a slot for commissions because I’ve been doing them since spring and I discovered it’s great fun make other’s people ideas real through my art – check my portfolio if you want to see the commissions I’ve done so far!

I’m thinking on adding prints to the shop – possibly postcard-size – what do you think about it?

Finally, if you like my doodles, you can check out my instagram, where I share them dialy – work in progress, sketches and so on.

So yeah, please take a look – and share ❤



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