On Vitamin D and missing the sun

Vitamin D

Since I moved up north the sun means something completely different to me. I never take it for granted. Suffering from seasonal affective disorder, November, the month when days get shorter and shorter, is always the hardest one for me.

I also get angry, and sad, when the sun is shinning outside but I have to be working in doors. Sunny days should all be holidays…

I was listening to this podcast this morning when I was out running – and it was freezing cold but the sky was a rabid blue, and the sun didn’t warm up my skin but gave me energy all the same. It’s about Blair Braverman, a woman who lived in the Artic and experienced seventy days of absolute darkness. She explains how, after living so long in the dark, getting to see this sun again was a very visceral experience, transcendental, even.

I haven’t experienced something so extreme, but I can tell you, those summer days when the sun shines and it’s almost warm life is so god and I feel blessed. This never happened to me when I lived closer to the Mediterranean and a sunny day was simply another day.

What are your thoughts on the sun? And how about those vitamin D levels?



  1. Vitamin D supplements – an absolute necessity above the 45th parallel, especially for information workers. Tell your friends. Buy a big bottle of them and pass them around. I’m a born skeptic, but Vit.D can be felt within a few hours. Spirits lift. Depression melts away.

    I went to school, for a while in Fairbanks Alaska. When the sun started to return enforce, we’d all go play frisbee in our t-shirts, in 0 C degree temps. Yes, we prayed, through games, to the God Ra!


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