Inés G Labarta

Writer, illustrator, migrant, feminist, hiker and creator of all things weird.

I was born in Madrid and have been telling stories since I learned how to talk. I wrote my first novel at eleven (a very serious Historical Romance set in the 19th century) and published my first book at fourteen. Sadly, in the high-school I went to this was anything close to cool so I used to hide this fact about me! (Yup, I was the weirdest kid ever).

Since then I’ve published a trilogy of YA novels (Los Pentasónicos) a Gothic Horror novella (McTavish Manor) and a Literary Fiction novella (Kabuki).

I’ve been living abroad since I was eighteen – Ireland, Scotland and now, England. Being an immigrant is part of my identity and yes, I’m proud of it. I don’t believe in nationalities or gender. I am just a human. To be honest, I feel at home in very different places: Langdale in the Lake District, Miyayima island in Japan, the Highlands and under the endless skyes of central Ireland.

I speak English, Spanish, Japanes, Dutch – none of them right, though. I understand Catalan (com estàs?)

I’m currently working on getting a Creative Writing PhD at Lancaster University while lecturing in Creative Writing and doing mixture of random jobs and freelancing (I have an Etsy shop!)

In my blog I share the ups and downs of the writing life, my doodles (I upload them dialy on my instagram) and travelling.

In my spare time I’m wandering around petting fluffy cats and eating apples.

I love good conversations and I am a very friendly person – so please feel like at home when you stop by my blog! 🙂



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