Neo-Victorian London Lady

Cover for the programme of the ‘Place in Neo-Victorian Literature and Culture’ conference.

Bread and Butterfly

Commission based on the ‘Bread and Butterfly’ insect from ‘Alice Through The Looking Glass’ by Lewis Carrol.


Commission based on an original character ‘Despina’ by the writer Teresa Garanhel.

The Man of Storr

Piece inspired in ‘The Man of Storr’ from the isle of Skype (Scotland).

Cat Lady Wonder Woman

A different take on the popular character Wonder Woman… with cats!

Writer’s dream

I did this piece to be used as a header in a writing website.

Let’s Celebrate the Writing poster

A poster celebration a writing event at Lancaster University.

Breaking the Language poster

This poster was done for the literary event ‘Breaking the Language’.

Father and Son in the Lakes

A portrait of a father and a son visiting Windermere (Lake District).

The Future is Now

This image was done to accompany my article ‘Dystopias are the new How-to books’ in Spirelei magazine.

Art Feeds Your Soul

This piece accompanied by article on pricing art that I wrote for the Enterprise Centre blog.

Mad Tea Party

Drawing such a famous scene was a challenge – for instance, I had to sketch many dormouses until I finally adapted these little cute animals into my style! I wanted to draw a scene that was as different as possible from the Tenniel illustration and the Disney versions. That is why I based the character […]